Is it me or is the Christmas Party season approaching too quickly?

I love Christmas, don't you? The crackling sound of fires, the smell of cinnamon, twinkling lights and that overwhelming but delicious excitement that cannot be bought?

However, Christmas is also a difficult time especially if you are looking at the Little Black Dress hanging in your wardrobe and you have that sinking feeling that it's just not going to fit without a lot of effort, wriggling, spandex pants and probably tears.

Do not despair.

I've recently had the opportunity to receive the training and bought into the franchise for Hypnoslimmer...which I can offer you through New Day Therapies.

Let me reassure you...this is not a slimming club. It doesn't involve you punishing yourself by miserably denying yourself food. Nor is it an evasive surgery with potential complications.

Hypnoslimmer is basically a method which changes the way you think in order to achieve the body or shape you wish to have. It has an amazing success rate and has an excellent reputation. It's regularly used in Harley Street in that's how those celebrities achieve their perfection!

It does involve some commitment from you (like any life change) but I'll be with you every step of the way as you receive a virtual gastric band through hypnotic suggestion.


Want to know more?

Want to fit into your party frock with pride?

Then click below to register your interest, email me or give me a call via the website. We can discuss your options and prepare you for the next New Day of your life.

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