New Service

Associated Stress Consultant

Professional Relaxation Therapy

Feeling stressed?

Whether you are seeking support as an individual, as part of a small group or for your workforce, this new, dynamic Relaxation Therapy is for you. 6 sessions which you can either book as a course or pick which ones you prefer individually. A unique relaxation in a stressful world. 


Looking at your sleep patterns and issues, I will introduce you to self-hypnosis, meditation and guaranteed to make your sleep deep and refreshing. 

Colour in deep relaxation

What are your inner colours?

A wonderful session that helps you interpret colour choices and chose the colour that will help you relax deeply. 

Visualisation Therapy

Using different types of visualisation tools to offer you a more relaxed, stress free future. 

Water Therapy

Whether basking in the sea, considering the theraputic benefits of mineral water or just considering how stress affects your digestion, this session offers alternatives, ideas and relaxation to help you live the best life possible. 




Finding the right exercise for you - stretching, anaerobic or aerobic. Building a programme that suits you, your lifestyle and your relaxation requirements. 

This also includes the deep muscle relaxation exercise. 

Relaxation through the use of smell

An introduction to how aromatheraputic oils can aid your relaxation, when and where to use them. How to change your choices to meet your lifestyle demands. 


Kingston Upon Hull, Beverley and East Yorkshire.

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